Radio Nordfront Interview: Frank L. DeSilva

Radio Nordfront Interview

Frank L. DeSilva

Interview of the History, Meta-politics, and Spirituality of the European Peoples. The Silent Brotherhood is discussed. The American Elections, Donald Trump, Syria, Russia, Putin, and much more.

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Rise Of The West: SDU: Salute to the European Youth


Salute to the European Youth

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The Warrior And The Priest: Initiation

Metaphysics and Initiation_62561547_laliquevase

by Frank L. DeSilva

Most people, given a sedentary lifestyle, peace, accumulation of wealth, and the various studies of higher learning, will become, with time, used to such comfort, in extremis, thereby becoming sheep, corralled easily, and sheared when needed; a circumstance not very independent, or likely to achieve any lasting character which would make them stand out for emulation. We would generally call this ‘group’ cowardly indeed. In this context, as with all governments, democracy seeks that political control over its social order with which it need to lead. When this happens, the mass is afforded that much sought after panacea of democracy: each man is the same as his fellows, with no distinction made between the two; no distinction based upon ‘breed’, or ‘intellectual achievement’, or any other consideration.Y  The ‘aristocracy’ of the Modern reigns supreme.

The history of ‘aristocracy’, proper, is quite different. We in the West, specifically of this northern continent, do not like any form of aristocracy – after all, was not our very birth delivered ‘caesarian’ from this very Mother? It nevertheless holds true, that for thousands of years, specifically, it has been this type of ruling body, either through some form of heredity or selection [i.e. election], which has lasted for the longest periods. Think of Venice, for instance – a thousand years – and of Egypt – three thousand!

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Croatia: Communist Bacteria Fester

Croatia: Communist Bacteria Fester

Word Count 943

Zagreb, 8.5.2018.- Croatia’s “Immortal Partisan Detachment” march
Photo HINA

[Editor’s Note: Croatia is one of several eastern European nation-states, which have suffered under tremendous conditions brought on by Cultural rearrangement, savagely in many cases.We thought we would share with you, some recent developments in this historical and vibrant section of the greater Westernesse
The Staff]

A painful fury sets in. This week, authorities in Zagreb, Croatia, had actually permitted a march through its streets of some two hundred people who call themselves the Immortal Partisan Detachment and who stated they were marching to raise public awareness of people who gave their lives for a free Croatia (World War II)! The problem with this claim is that the communist Partisans did not free Croatia to make it free and independent – they fought against the Croatian army and the Independent State of Croatia fighters to keep Croatia within communist Yugoslavia and won the war. The word “free” in their language essentially means that they defeated the Ustasha regime, whose aim was to bring freedom and independence to Croatia, to make Croatia a sovereign state.

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American Renaissance 2018: Mass Market Appeal?

American Renaissance 2018

4,411 words

Going to AmRen was the most impulsive thing I’ve done in the past seven years. Although I’ve been attending local events, the idea of flying alone, halfway across the country, to an event with a notorious reputation according to my liberal city, is not something a sensible person like me would ever do. But two months before the conference, Greg Johnson persuaded me that I needed to go. I wanted to learn how to organize conferences, and he said I should learn from the best.

My anxieties disappeared almost immediately after meeting my road trip companion in Nashville, Peter Duke. Mr. Duke is famous for taking portraits of controversial figures on the right, including his portrait of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, and Charles Johnson, “the most hated man on the internet.”  It turns out Duke’s presence was more of a surprise than mine — Mr. Duke flew on a moment’s notice to photograph the protesters[1] for his “Cold Civil War” project.  I was lucky I was in the right place at the right time.

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Sitting on Bayonets

Sitting on Bayonets


David Irving being arrested in Austria on November 11, 2005 on the charge of “trivializing the Holocaust.”

2,360 words

In the last few years, what we may conveniently call the “System” under which Americans live has begun to show unmistakable signs of strain, and, as in most other systems of the past, those who run and manage the System have responded to these signs with increasingly blatant tactics of repression. The most obvious strains have appeared in the emergence of potentially violent resistance in such movements as the militias, the Freemen, white separatists, secessionists of one kind or another, religious oddwads like the Branch Davidians and the Identity Churches, “sagebrush rebels” in the Far West, tax protesters, and even home schoolers. The repression visited upon such malcontents is equally obvious, immortalized in the cryptic and bloody sagas of the massacres perpetrated by federal agents at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Regardless of how minute a portion of the entire population is involved in these tendencies or the validity of their complaints, enough of them have now exploded into repressive bloodshed, enough “counter-terrorist” and gun control measures have been seriously proposed, and enough ululations about “extremism” have been emitted to suggest that something rather serious is going on and that the System and its guardians know that it is serious.

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Farmer & Fascist

Jorian Jenks: Farmer & Fascist

1,605 words

Philip M. Coupland
Farming, Fascism and Ecology: A Life of Jorian Jenks
London and New York: Routledge, 2017 (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right)

The connections between the organic movement and the radical Right are often overlooked. To the chagrin of liberal environmentalists, the early organic movement had close links to both fascism and National Socialism. Among the leading pioneers of organic farming was Jorian Jenks, a high-ranking member of the British Union of Fascists who served as the party’s agricultural advisor. Farming, Fascism and Ecology is the first biography of Jenks to appear in print. It is an amply researched and surprisingly even-handed study that details Jenks’s oft-neglected influence on the organic movement and sheds light on the long-standing ties between environmentalism and the far-Right.[1]

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Generation Identity: Europe’s Youth Reconquista

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To those who would follow the dream…and overcome…

The travelers moved from East to West

The tribes, the camps, each following the Quest.

Mountains rising, valleys descending

Rivers flowing, fish jumping, the travelers meet their test.

Banners of blue, red, gold and white brazenly wave

Besides horses frothed in glistening foam, their masters

Sitting tall and brave;

The frenzied snorts and blows these stout mounts heave

Is witnessed by riders fair, each with flaming golden hair;

Their eyes of simple blue:

Gaze setting straight beyond, toward the mountain’s gate.

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Strange Bedfellows of the Right: Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia Censors Her Own Work

2,112, wordsFRAUEN-BLEIBEN-MÄNNER-WERDEN-Camille-Paglia

Camille Paglia identifies as a liberal Democrat, but as soon as her masterpiece Sexual Personae appeared in 1990, she began to win ardent admirers on the Right. Indeed, I first heard of Sexual Personae from Roger Kimball’s review in the neocon culture magazine The New Criterion.

Paglia’s appeal to the Right is easy to understand. She celebrates the greatness of Western civilization, rejects liberal blank slate and perfectionist models of man, defends civilization and culture from sentimental primitivists and nature worshippers, believes that sexuality is first and foremost biological, affirms hierarchy and rejects egalitarianism, takes religion seriously, rejects academic political correctness, values men and masculinity, upholds heteronormativity even though she celebrates the cultural fecundity of homosexuality, criticizes the loonier extremes of academic feminism (from a liberal feminist standpoint), and has a strongly populist sensibility.

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Enemies of the State

Enemies of the State

2,268 words

The Great Republican Revolution took a brief trip to the benches last summer when committees in both House and Senate paused in their deliberations to burrow into the federal atrocities at Waco and Ruby Ridge. The resulting hearings were by no means as much fun as the wind-down of the O. J. Simpson trial, and the House investigation of the Waco massacre in particular was fatally marred by the transparent partisanism that the Republicans who ran it seem incapable of disguising.

Yet the Stupid Party was not unique in its zeal to score political points in the scrutiny of the mass murder of the Branch Davidians in 1993 and the slightly more selective slaughter visited upon the family of Randy Weaver a few months before. Perhaps the lowest point in the Weaver hearings was plumbed when one of California’s Democratic senators, Diane Feinstein, quizzed Mr. Weaver as to whether he had any swastikas or Nazi armbands in his possession. The inescapable intent of her question was to suggest that if one does possess such paraphernalia, then it’s all right for the FBI to shoot one’s wife and son. Mr. Weaver responded by asking if he could go to the bathroom, and who can blame him? The crudity of the question and its purpose ought to overcome all citizens with an uncontrollable sensation of nausea.

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The Song of Albion: What Dreams May Come?

The Song of Albion: What Dreams May Come?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 5,896

H/T Foundations

Song of Albion

[Note: This is an excerpt from Song of Albion, a Work penned by the Author many years ago. It is a ‘historical’ Work, insofar as the flow of History has passed the original draft with many  an un-foreseen occurance in the Life of the West. Strange, however, Truth seems to care little of our accounting of Time, and this Work was prescient, indeed, much more has happened in the West, which proves the validity of this, dare We say it, Prophetic analysis. The Staff]

In today’s world of overreaching denial of Western race-culture, the almost demonic zeal with which our young are denied their own history, in favor of the non-western, is more than dismal – it is an evil thing, a thing which, by most accounts, has changed the very actualizations of the children of the West, for their heroes are not of their stock, their perceptions of beauty, counterfeits of the real expression of their future mates, the roles of masculinity and nobility being given to superficial, banal, and sociologically different types of men and women. This is more than dangerous, and will, in all likelihood, be discounted by many, but it is always a good thing to prove a postulation: So, I urge you, the reader – no, I dare you, to look to your own children, compare them with yourself, and then to your father or grandfather, and see just how far they, and you, have strayed. I dare you.

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The Battle Of Berkely: Are Conservatives Oppressed?

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