Rise Of The West: SDU: Salute to the European Youth


Salute to the European Youth

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Rise of The West ~

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The Warrior And The Priest: Initiation

Metaphysics and Initiation_62561547_laliquevase

by Frank L. DeSilva

Most people, given a sedentary lifestyle, peace, accumulation of wealth, and the various studies of higher learning, will become, with time, used to such comfort, in extremis, thereby becoming sheep, corralled easily, and sheared when needed; a circumstance not very independent, or likely to achieve any lasting character which would make them stand out for emulation. We would generally call this ‘group’ cowardly indeed. In this context, as with all governments, democracy seeks that political control over its social order with which it need to lead. When this happens, the mass is afforded that much sought after panacea of democracy: each man is the same as his fellows, with no distinction made between the two; no distinction based upon ‘breed’, or ‘intellectual achievement’, or any other consideration.Y  The ‘aristocracy’ of the Modern reigns supreme.

The history of ‘aristocracy’, proper, is quite different. We in the West, specifically of this northern continent, do not like any form of aristocracy – after all, was not our very birth delivered ‘caesarian’ from this very Mother? It nevertheless holds true, that for thousands of years, specifically, it has been this type of ruling body, either through some form of heredity or selection [i.e. election], which has lasted for the longest periods. Think of Venice, for instance – a thousand years – and of Egypt – three thousand!

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Childlessness as Virtue

Richard Follette:

Excellent points. Now, let’s get busy and change the Future.

Originally posted on Beyond the Wall:

womanRecently I had a polite but brief exchange with two sisters over the role of motherhood and femininity  (and whether these two are necessarily connected). One sister began by posting an article – if that’s what it can be called – which was more or less a collaboration of remarks and quotes made by famous female entertainers and their choice to avert motherhood (and why any suggestion that motherhood some-how completes or enhances femininity in any way is at bottom a sexist, patriarchal remark). Both sisters agreed that women should be able to define what is that makes them female. I made some remarks, which I will hash out below in more detail than I did on Facebook, but needless to say my remarks had no effect and were, for all intents and purposes, frowned upon by every female reading or commenting.

I mentioned that women who avert motherhood and are…

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Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

822 wordsFatigue-by-John-Brosio-260x208

[Robert] Putnam’s work on diversity revealed that increasing diversity not only lowered levels of between-group trust, but also decreased the levels of trust between individuals of the same group.

If one considers that it is precisely collective group action that is a necessary component of a group’s resistance to the corrosive effects of diversity and multiculturalism, then one observes that diversity has the ability to disarm its own opposition.

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Rise of The West: Freedom for Gary Yarbrough Demonstration

Freedom for Gary Yarbrough demonstration.

London, Jan 2015

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Obama’s ‘Big Lie': US Has Supplied Ukraine With Arms From the Start / Sputnik International

Richard Follette:

Stay out of Foreign Wars.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:



The ceasefire between Kiev forces and independence supporters of Donetsk and Luhansk is generally holding, shelling in Donbas has stopped as the truce came in force on midnight, a spokesperson at the Kiev special operations headquarters said Sunday.

But a day earlier Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and US President Barack Obama, during a meeting by phone, agreed on the further coordination of efforts in the case that the ceasefire fails and the Ukrainian conflict escalates.

Stephen Lendman, a Research Associate for the Centre for Research on Globalization explained to Sputnik, in an exclusive interview on the recent developments in Ukraine, that Washington has been lying the whole time – it has been supplying weapons to Kiev from the very start of the military operation.

“Washington supplied heavy weapons since the conflict began last April and maybe before it began in preparation for what was planned. I wrote about it several times including in a new article this (Saturday) morning,” he told Sputnik.

“So, key is understanding that Washington armed Kiev the whole time. Obama claiming it’s under consideration…

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Cameron, Merkel, other EU leaders vow to ‘protect their Jews’

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:

jewish solar-system 1

Series of European heads take public positions against Netanyahu’s ‘emigrate to Israel’ call, pledge to ‘clamp down’ on ‘anti-Semitism’

ed note–Translation– ‘We will continue to utilize whatever legal/coercive measures are available to us in making sure that Gentiles are not free to discuss the problems associated with organized Jewish interests. Criticism of Israel will be prosecuted, since doing so is ‘anti-Semitic’. Jews who engage in outright criminal activity will be protected from prosecution, since Jews are God’s chosen critters and anything they do is ok.

Yahweh have mercy on them if they ever vowed to do the same for Muslims or Christians.

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RT: ‘Greek ‘revolution’ woke up Europeans, spreads like wildfire’

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Published time: February 16, 2015 11:59

Reuters / Alkis Konstantinidis

Reuters / Alkis Konstantinidis

Public support for Greece across Europe is predictable as other countries are suffering just as much, says Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, a former Greek ambassador. It’s a message to EU leaders who have been distant from people they are supposed to serve.

RT:Are you surprised by the show of public support for Greece in many parts of Europe?

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos: No, it was expected actually, because the other countries are suffering just as bad as we are particularly Portugal and Spain. So once we started this, let’s put it ‘revolution,’ and we are waking up the European people, it caught like wildfire. So this is a good solid support of the European people and I hope that this message is getting across to the leaders of the EU who have been far away from the people who they are supposed to…

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ISIS’ incredible show of force on Europe’s doorstep: Terrorists in Libya who beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians parade their fleet of brand new ‘police cars’ in front of cheering children

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

The video appears to show a fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers carrying the notorious black flag of Islamic State as they drive in perfect unison through the streets of Libya.

Men, women and children cheer and salute the pick-up trucks as they drive freely through what is believed to be the city of Benghazi.

The carefully produced propaganda video was uploaded by terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia on February 5.

The group declared city an ‘Islamic emirate’ in July 2014 before pledging allegiance to Islamic State just three months later. In November of that year, the UN blacklisted it as a terrorist organisation.

The group was widely blamed for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stephens in Benghazi in 2012. And only this week, it was linked to the bloody executions of…

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Scholastic Anti-White Brainwashing

Who Benefits from The Death

Of The White Race?

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Polish National Pride

Polish National Pride

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Frank L. DeSilva – The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State

Frank L. DeSilva –

The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State


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