Richard Spencer At Auburn University: The Issue Of Free Speech

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Richard Spencer On The Alt-Right In Trump’s America

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Radio Nordfront Interview: Frank L. DeSilva

Radio Nordfront Interview

Frank L. DeSilva

Interview of the History, Meta-politics, and Spirituality of the European Peoples. The Silent Brotherhood is discussed. The American Elections, Donald Trump, Syria, Russia, Putin, and much more.

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A Western Rationale: Post-Modern Reflections

A Western Rationale:

Post-Modern Reflections

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,950

The slow, ineluctable demise of Traditionalism, will always usher in the desperate 14370405_1827204880846988_6120395156362018165_ncries of the revolutionary Nationalist.

The preceding centuries of Western evolution have presented a unique view into the political biology of organic life-cycles, of political experimentation, moral generation and degeneration, stratagems, tactics, zealots, revolutionaries. Philosophers and their unique philosophies. Statesmen and their own unique combination of personal world-views. Moreover, this evolutionary experience has presented to the Men and Women of the West, an incalculable model of reasonable and direct appreciation of the ways and means of political thought. We, of the West, have the greatest legacy of political thought in history.

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The Happening

The Happening

1,788 wordsBlackSwan

For years I’ve been predicting it. With absolute confidence, I’ve been claiming that its arrival is a certainty. So why do I feel so surprised, and a trifle disoriented that it is now happening? What is “it”? It’s The Happening. I didn’t invent this expression. I heard a couple of people use it at the recent New York Forum. Perhaps “The Convergence” would be more appropriate. Perhaps I could even give in to my Heideggerian vice and call it The Event (Das Ereignis). But I like The Happening.

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What Is Cultural Marxism?

What is Cultural Marxism?

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The Marxist Attack on Hindu Nationalism

The Marxist Attack on Hindu Nationalism

4,011 wordsSwastika

Koenraad Elst
Return of the Swastika: Hate and Hysteria versus Hindu Sanity
London: Arktos, 2015

Hindu nationalism is perhaps the largest and most successful nationalist movement in the world. They have steeled themselves over the past century fighting first the British, then the Muslims, then Nehruvian secularists. Along the way, they have endured incessant condemnation by Marxists and, later, postmodernists. Like White Nationalists, they fight for control over their homeland and their culture, and their political successes make for a very interesting case study in praxis. Though different in many ways from National Socialists and fascists, they, like any group that the Left sets their sights on, are regularly excoriated in academia and the media as–you guessed it–Nazis.

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“Good War . . . Better Peace”

“Good War . . . Better Peace”

6,097 words

Author’s Note:DeNazification-260x255

To help celebrate the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the end of the “Good War” and the beginning of the “Good Peace,” I offer the following from my books, Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947, and Rape Hate—Sex & Violence in War & Peace.

And so, with the once mighty German Army now disarmed and enslaved in May, 1945, and with their leaders either dead or awaiting trial for so-called “war crimes,” the old men, women and children who remained in the dismembered Reich found themselves utterly at the mercy of the victors. Unfortunately for these survivors, never in the history of the world was mercy in shorter supply.

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Childlessness as Virtue

Excellent points. Now, let’s get busy and change the Future.

Beyond the Wall

womanRecently I had a polite but brief exchange with two sisters over the role of motherhood and femininity  (and whether these two are necessarily connected). One sister began by posting an article – if that’s what it can be called – which was more or less a collaboration of remarks and quotes made by famous female entertainers and their choice to avert motherhood (and why any suggestion that motherhood some-how completes or enhances femininity in any way is at bottom a sexist, patriarchal remark). Both sisters agreed that women should be able to define what is that makes them female. I made some remarks, which I will hash out below in more detail than I did on Facebook, but needless to say my remarks had no effect and were, for all intents and purposes, frowned upon by every female reading or commenting.

I mentioned that women who avert motherhood and are…

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Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

822 wordsFatigue-by-John-Brosio-260x208

[Robert] Putnam’s work on diversity revealed that increasing diversity not only lowered levels of between-group trust, but also decreased the levels of trust between individuals of the same group.

If one considers that it is precisely collective group action that is a necessary component of a group’s resistance to the corrosive effects of diversity and multiculturalism, then one observes that diversity has the ability to disarm its own opposition.

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