Generation Identiaire

Posts for activists and their Struggle in French occupied France.


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  1. Identitarian Generation is european
    26 novembre 2012

    2012 November 26th announcement
    :: The Identitarian Generation is european ::

    « Take your city back ! »

    As soon as we have broadcasted our « Declaration of War », the video clip and our text have been a real international success. Spontaneously, supporters who felt concerned by our message in more than 25 countries have translated this video and broadcasted it as well. This effect was further enhanced by the action of Poitiers.

    Thus, on the internet and in particular on social networks, young Europeans avail themself of Generation Identitaire and are regrouping behind the Spartan Lambda and did develop initiatives in their respective countries. The Convention Identitaire has enabled us (alongside other movements with which relations are older as Joventuts Identitàries per Catalunya, the Movimento Giovani Padani, the Italian Lega Nord or the flemish student union KVHV) to meet activists of WIR – Wiens Identitäre Richtung the Identitaires of Vienna, and to strengthen our connections.

    In Italy, a Facebook page Generazione Identitaria gathers a thousand and a half people. In Germany, the page Identitare Bewegung (Identitarian Mouvement) reaches for its part already 3,000 supporters and 40,000 stickers signed Identitare Bewegung have been put into circulation with the slogan « Fatherland, Liberty, Tradition – Identitarian Generation ! ‘

    Generation Identitaire is a community of struggle that brings together young frenchspeaking Europeans but whose vocation is also to establish political links (and beyond mere friendly relations) between all resistant of European homelands. In the weeks and months ahead, we will organize a number of meetings to determine with whom we can work firmly in this direction.

    We wish to remain vigilant and very firm about any attempt recovery of our words, our symbols, or our image by political groups trying to drape in new standards old ideas that we do not share and do not support.


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