All Civilizations rise and fall, and the West is no different.

To the student of history,  these cycles of changes and evolution are part of the Natural Law, that seemingly metaphysical apparatus which follows all living creatures, that which raises one, while crushing the other. The Rise of The West follows this cycle of history and change, as it relates  to the race-culture of all the children of the West – both male and female – in whatever nation or territory, as we all belong to each other: This is the connection of Blood and Bone.

Here, at Rise of The West, it is hoped that those who seek a new Life, a new Destiny, will find those ideas and solutions best suited for those in America and beyond. We welcome all those points of view which will enhance, not detract from this discussion – as all Ideas must, of necessity, be followed by the action necessary to establish these ideas.

From time to time, this About page will be updated.

Let us start, then, and begin to walk this path towards the Future…





8 Responses to About

  1. tfaswift says:

    Hi, before I read more of your posts – which discuss the issue of race a lot – can you just tell me whether you are in any way against other races besides white? My blog is very pro-multiculturism, so if you could just give me a yes or no on whether you are completely accepting of all races as being equal, that would be great. Due to busyness, just trying to keep the reading of people’s blogs limited to what’s in accordance with my own beliefs, and your posts are pretty long (as are some of mine!). Thanks. 🙂

    • No. We here at Rise of The West, are fully committed in recognizing the the inherent exceptionalism of the races. The position we take here, is that while races offer a unique perspective on all things, we are concerned, interested, and committed to our own Western Culture – if this bothers you, we offer no apologies, and would miss your feedback.

      We fully apeciate your attitude regarding schedules, and therefore will keep this short.

      Good luck on your efforts…

  2. tfaswift says:

    Hi Richard, thanks for your reply. 🙂 It doesn’t bother me in the slightest; this is your blog to write about whatever you like and whatever is important to you! I suppose my blog is kind of different being a real melting pot of different cultures and having an interracial marriage, as I do. But I respect your views. 🙂

  3. KaylaB says:

    I always check out individuals who begin to follow my blog, as it often leads to great friendships. As my blog states, I am of mixed heritage, and I believe that the mixed races can actually provide a more unique perspective, since it can never be one sided, thereby allowing us to see the similarities that draw us together, rather than the differences that continue to tear people, and countries, apart. I would appreciate an understanding on what about my blog draws your interest, as it seems who I am, and what I write about, would be in opposition to your views.

  4. npane171 says:


    I’m excited to read about various topic, especially race as I research and attempt to better understand the damages of Liberalism and Progressive ideologies.


  5. Shane McPherson says:

    If I wanted to do an interview with Frank DeSilva, do you know of an email I couldn’t contact him at? Or could you at least forward mine to him? I’m not interested in asking stupid or inappropriate questions. I’m hoping to some day write on this topic and I know a lot of the old timers are already gone so I’m starting now. Would just like to pick his brain on his experiences and philosophy. I do not work for any media outlet, I’m just a guy who loves to study and hopes to someday write something more accurate than what I have usually come across. Thx! Shane

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