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Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism Ted Sallis 822 words [Robert] Putnam’s work on diversity revealed that increasing diversity not only lowered levels of between-group trust, but also decreased the levels of trust between individuals of the same group. If one … Continue reading

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Rise of The West: Freedom for Gary Yarbrough Demonstration

Freedom for Gary Yarbrough demonstration. London, Jan 2015

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Obama’s ‘Big Lie’: US Has Supplied Ukraine With Arms From the Start / Sputnik International

Stay out of Foreign Wars.

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Cameron, Merkel, other EU leaders vow to ‘protect their Jews’

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:
Series of European heads take public positions against Netanyahu’s ‘emigrate to Israel’ call, pledge to ‘clamp down’ on ‘anti-Semitism’ ed note–Translation– ‘We will continue to utilize whatever legal/coercive measures are available to us in…

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RT: ‘Greek ‘revolution’ woke up Europeans, spreads like wildfire’

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ISIS’ incredible show of force on Europe’s doorstep: Terrorists in Libya who beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians parade their fleet of brand new ‘police cars’ in front of cheering children

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