The Rotherham Outrage


The White Tea Room

I have been stewing over the Rotherham mass rape and abuse story for about a week now. It’s hitting me like Lee Rigby’s murder hit me.

In my marrow. On a cellular level

I’m really, really furious.

Vicious, evil racial aliens were invited into England, by the Jewish Ruling class, and Pakistani males have been allowed to rape, abuse, terrorize, and murder little White girls. For decades. With the appallingly craven consent of the so-called English Goyim authorities.

I want blood.

I’m not English. I’m an American. My genetics, however, came from the British Isles.

I feel what’s happened to my Kin in my molecules.

This is just a quick post – I will more this on this – but their must be Retribution.

This is what the Jews brought in.

rightful name asian does not mean asian it means pakistani middle ...

This Jew

“There are too many White Christian faces in power, in England”

wants to replace this

British family is shrinking as 60 per cent of parents say we can't ...

with this:

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  1. Denise says:

    Thank you for reblogging. You are a true gentleman.

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