Whites at Work! Trapped Man Saved!

Beautiful and inspiring sight.

The White Tea Room

Here is one tiny momentary glimpse of White People being White People. Perth, Australia. A Man somehow gets himself stuck between a commuter train, and the platform on which commuters stand. I don’t know how this man, wearing a business suit, got himself into this pickle – but he did. He seems to have simply taken a very unfortunate step.

The passerby Aussies immediately begin to help him. They do not seem to be degenerated, defective, and de-racinated. They are whole, healthy, and effective. No one waits for trams of rescue workers and  millions of dollars worth of equipment to show up. These smart, inventive, able-bodied and able brained citizens  resolve the situation in minutes They work together, as an impromptu team, to free the man. They literally rocked the train, in order to allow the man, and those assisting him directly, to pull himself free. White People Power saved…

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