‘I will not rest until these worthless pieces of s**t are dead’: Anguished vow of mother who watched two illegal immigrants – who had been deported SIX times before – gun down her off-duty Border Patrol son

Our Women are crucial to finalizing this struggle.


Marie and Javier Vega, Sr. Marie and Javier Vega, Sr., parents of the murdered Border Patrol agent

Javier Vega, Jr.--dead at the hands of two illegal savages Javier Vega, Jr.–dead at the hands of two illegal savages

I stand with Marie Vega, as should every decent person. The two “pieces of shit” should die. In fact, America should bring back hanging to get the job done right. Or the firing squad. Or the guillotine.

But we should also do more, such as send a thank you note to the Obama White House. If Obama (and Bush before him) had been doing his job, an innocent man would still be alive. Thanks, Obama.

A functional country has borders. Invaders are kept at bay. These two, who had invaded the US multiple times, should have been drawn and quartered after their second incursion into US territory. But they got a ticket back to Mexico and then came right back.

The next time they’re sent back to Mexico…

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