Europe of Regions

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Operation Werwolf

We need to descend deep into the past in order to understand all the things that take place around us today. But what does “deep” mean? After all history – in a sense of civilizations’ history – begun yesterday, when you consider all that has been. Our human comedy, or is it a tragedy? That tends to depend on one’s interpretation of facts. When we read, for example, Peter Geyl’s Napoleon For and Against, we can easily understand how the exact same facts can produce different, excluding and opposite interpretations. Then again I assure you that with the right mindset and moral attitude, you can produce very consistent interpretations, providing that you have a broad knowledge of a given subject. Indeed, ignorance is the most common source of misinterpretation – not political preference, as some claim. In ancient Greece, citizens who chose to not take part in the political…

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