The Journey of Persephone

Poetics of The Day

Invisible Inklings

I was born

a child of the frivolous dance of Summer’s sun
bright and dazzling
but it is under Autumn’s deep, sensual touch
that I blossomed
in fleeting light and spiced air
still warm enough to be free
I walked in the chill of shortening days
and let him pull me closer
his sweet song of seduction
filling my ears with intoxicating promises
whispering thoughts of the darkly divine
that carried me head over heels
like a fiery leaf on the breeze
I turned from all that has ever nurtured me
and kept me safe
and succumbed to the shadowed curiosity of desire
down I crept
not of fear but of a need to feel each step of my decent
my own heartbeat the only living thing
throbbing through my body
as I savored each breath
in the realm of the dead
increasingly aware that I was…

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