Splendor Solis II: the Sun, the Crown, the Swastika

Excellent Historical journey.

Rise of The West has an interesting Introduction, covering this subject: http://www.amazon.com/Rise-The-West-Frank-DeSilva/dp/1461001501/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1406697140&sr=8-3&keywords=rise+of+the+west

Operation Werwolf

the_sun_the_crownThe ancient Egyptian civilization is the oldest European (=ethnic term) civilization which you can study and learn from, which makes it the single most valuable source of knowledge about our past. The European period in Egypt started in 5100 BC or earlier. Merimda, the earliest Lower Egyptian site dates back to that time and is widely regarded as precursory to Badarian and Naqada cultures, which later evolved and formed dynastic Egypt and the civilization we’re familiar with. Ethnic Whites in Egypt faced serious problems as time passed, and the date 1292 BC – when the last ruler of the XVIII dynasty passed, might have been the beginning of the end. What happened? Well, again, “diversity” happened. It was increasingly hard and later on just impossible for the members of the ruling class to find suitable White mates. Some left, some died childless, others chose to interbreed. Significant numbers of Europeans…

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