Vagina Gentium

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Operation Werwolf

vagina_gentiumThe Ancient Romans referred to the northern and central Europe (Teutonic regions) as vagina gentium – the womb of (White) nations. And yes, the Out of Africa fraud was not very popular at the time, and they correctly identified those regions as the homeland of the European people, after the Caucasus ceased to be one due to massive Asiatic invasions and subsequent dissolution of the White tribes that lived there. What happened? Well, if one would use modern nomenclature it was nothing else than a forced “diversity”. So highly praised by leftist governments in Europe and Northern America. Interestingly, the same process can be observed right now – and of course, the negroid, mestizo and Muslim invasions of today appear to be much more peaceful than the Asiatic invasions thousands of years ago (they’re not), but the outcome will be still the same – “diversity” will in…

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