Spiraculum Mortis

The 14 Word Motto was, in the beginning, a WARNING against the suicide of the Western man and woman, when it came to infanticide and race-mixing.

Liberal politics, since even before WWII, has encouraged this mortal, and diabolical agenda.

Operation Werwolf


A third of all pregnancies in Europe end in termination according to a research article published by Guttmacher Institute. That means almost 2 000 000 abortions each year. And that’s just the officially reported ones, carried out via public health-care institutions. Private clinics rarely bother to keep track and endanger their clients’ privacy. Also, less than 70% of European countries permit abortion and usually require a legitimate reason for performing one. The illegal abortions are not included in this total. Therefore, it is estimated that up to a further 1 500 000 may slip past the official statistics, based on separate reports from different countries. The aborted babies are then used for vaccine production (vaccines themselves had long been declared as a fraud, doing your kid more bad than good, by independent scientists such as Dr. Suzanne Humphries and more than 150 others).

The establishment and the media…

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