Kai Murros on how Hate is a force of Liberation, Creation and Advancement

This is well worth listening too…and seriously considering the over-all presentation.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Somebody whose got the time should transcribe the beginning speech on Hate.

My view on Hate is to purify it, like you purify uranium, by doing qigong systems like Falun Gong, Primordial Qigong, Between Heaven and Earth qigong, and 18 Forms Qigong, among others.

Purified Hate gives you Creative Inspiration and a Concentration of the Will to Power.

I have spent many years in the WN desert, looking for the answer to our difficult problem, and the Espionage Model of Infiltration and Covert Influence is the answer that was given to me.

Covert influence of the elites, but you leverage it from White Skynet becoming self aware. The younger members of the elites will perceive White Skynet very acutely. So it’s not like we’re ignoring the 400,000 Stormfront visitors. They represent energy and power. What we do is concentrate that, like a Fresnel lens or magnifying glass concentrates sunlight, and…

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