The True European Values

Operation Werwolf

Prussian virtues, which were for a time an integral part of German as well as European culture, were inspired by the brilliant soldier-king Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia and his son – unrivaled commander, successful administrator, author of books on military strategy, tactics, mobility, logistics, politics and history, patron of Arts, passionate musician and composer, keen observer and protector of nature and a modest and dutiful man – Friedrich II of Prussia, known as Friedrich the Great. Both of them were immortalized as national heroes, true role models and an example of enlightened leadership, recognized internationally as unquestionably remarkable. Both of them had been essential in raising the state of Prussia to the rank of power and showing that democracy is far from necessary for a nation to thrive. Both of them have been intensively demonized after 1945, with various attempts aiming at smearing their name and removing them from…

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