If You’re An American, You’re A Racist … But That’s Cool

Interesting article.

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

by Zaron Burnett

I’ve always been a happy racist. Like, I don’t lose sleep over it. And no, I don’t care if someone calls me that at a party. I’m cool with being racist (and you can be, too). Keep in mind this is coming from the winner of my high school’s Multicultural Appreciation Award from the Indian Association of Davis. I was then, and I remain, a happy racist. I appreciate folks from all different races. For reasons beyond my control, I was raised to be racist. It’s how I see the world. The process took hold long before I had any understanding of the world or the chance to defend myself. It just happens like that when you’re raised in the States. It comes with our freedom and our history of violence. Racism is an American birthright. We’re all racists here.

If you’re an American reading this, I…

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