Neanderthals bred out of existence by Homo Sapiens from Africa; PBS documentary about it claims that “it was good for the Neanderthals” to be bred out of existence

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

by commenter Hardscrabble Farmer:

I watched a PBS documentary the other evening about the Neanderthal. Either they intentionally wrote it to wake people up to what is happening to our people (which I doubt) or they are so convinced of the stupidity of the average viewer to make any connections whatsoever to the data presented that they were incapable of realizing what they had done and it’s impact on anyone with an IQ on the right hand side of the bell curve.

In short: Neanderthals came into Europe from Africa approximately 60,000 years prior to Homo Sapiens (no explanation as to what prevented Homo Sapiens from doing the same thing as they were alleged to have done 60,000 years later, but no matter).

Neanderthals were not dumb, brutish, cave dwelling primates, but rather buried their dead with expectations of an afterlife, used advanced lithic technologies to create specific tools, understood…

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