Liberals so very ashamed of patriotic Americans in Murrieta; decry how we dominate the comments

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Liberals so ashamed

rwgate epazote • 2 hours ago
I made the mistake of reading the comments on the CNN report this morning. Warning: don’t go there. Over 3400 comments, of which about 95% were against the immigrants. I recognized some of the names of people who have been banned at other sites, and there were a huge number of responses by people who were probably sitting in the dark in their white sheets.

Commenters were calling for outright revolution, for killing Liberals. Nothing new there, I suppose, but the overwhelming hatred, racism and bigotry put me off my breakfast. Obviously, CNN has no moderator on it’s site.

I wonder how these people live with themselves, or, for that matter, with anyone else. Totally psychopathic, and all the more reason for gun control and reopening the mental institutions closed by Reagan in the 1980’s.


The story at CNN has…

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