An analysis of the theft of Iran’s internet

Pragmatic Witness

iran-s-electronic-curtain-how-the-u-s-is-tearing-it-down-7d24c96bccPreface: The fact that Iran has been put on a 10 day timeline for the loss of their .IR web extension is major news, yet not even Drudge has it. Yet the Israel Law Center has accomplished this, and it has been reported in Haaretz in the Times of Israel and in many other Jewish publications yet it is not anywhere in the MSM and Google turns up nothing. I beg to question WHY. Will a web blackout accompany Iran’s destruction? This is fully covered below.


I laid awake last night going through all permutations of what this means. This is a very important report.

1. Iran is being set up for a silent death

No doubt about it, when the war with a completely innocent Iran starts, the ziopress wants no voice of the people getting out. I need to stress what a fraud this is and how…

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