June 28th – Realisten.se Broadcast: Stefan Jacobson’s speech at Almedalen

Swedes party in Almedalen

Swedes party initiates Almedalsveckan.

Realisten.se broadcast Stefan Jacobson’s speech at Almedalen

GOTLAND Saturday 28th June for Swedes party call meeting in Almedalen in Visby. If you are unable to attend on Gotland can still take part of this year’s most interesting almedalsveckan speech via live broadcast on Realisten.se.

Published 2014-06-23, at 16:02

While Aftonbladet calling for banning Swedes party and the Swedish Church will try to disrupt the meeting by calling in their watches will Realisten.se to affirm the freedom of speech and live coverage of the meeting, so anyone who wants to really hear what is being said. One should expect that other media in place will not give an accurate picture of what is said but by Realisten.se you can create you an idea of what is really being said.

The meeting is expected to last between the hours of approximately 19:00 and 20:00. Do you want to be sure not to miss anything you should SEAT ONESELF you at the computer for a while before at 19 and then schedule a few hours ahead. More information will follow when meeting approaching here on Realisten.se and on ourFacebook page .


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