Czech Pin Up Girl Terezia Mia Has Us Seeing Red

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Prague Pin Up Girl and Burlesque Dancer Terezia Mia (3)by Sad man’s Tongue, Karolina Ryvolova photography, Bet Orten, Pavel Hejný, Adam Holy, and Tymur,  Model Terezia Mia

Pin Up Girl, Fashion Model, Alternative model, and burlesque Performer Terezia Mia may have us seeing red, but we also see those long legs and sultry figure. Having only met her once, when we did it was like basking in stardust, and when she shook our hand it was as if we were touched by an angel.

Pin Up Girl Terezia Mia, should you catch her performances with Prague Burlesque, will certainly captivate you as she has us. Probably more so as we have yet to see her actually perform, but trust us, we certainly will. Red Hair and long legs, does it get any better 🙂

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Wild Strings out of Italy with “Johnny Rocker.”

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