Poetics Of The Day: The Only Time I Miss Him

The Only Time I Miss Him



I let him go all too soon

Thinking I was trading what was right

For what was wrong.

I realized all too quickly

What a terrible mistake I made

So I tried to go back.

I miss his smile

His frown

That dirty little town.

The movies

And shows

The stranger things he grows.

I miss him when he breaths

I remember his breath

When I left it was like a death.

I miss his touch

The way he walks

Those late night, and often naughty talks.

I miss his love

I miss his hate

I miss the way he’d always make me wait.

I love his smile

That perky way

He would whisper he’ll never go away.

I love his ways

I love his means

I love his naughty little dreams.

I miss his face

I miss his ass

I miss the way he’d take me back.

I love his voice

I love his heart

Can we start over from the start?

I miss his mind

I miss the way he sounded grim

Every day and every moment is the only time I miss him.

Annastasia Brennan



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