Inked Girls Gallery 142 – The Nilakantha Photographies Edition

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Inked Girls And Alternative Models by Nilakantha Photographies (9)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nilakantha Univers of Nilakantha Photographies, Models Tsuki, Lady Chips French Touch Modeling,  Mandi Robbie, Raphaelle, Kaylaa, Sandy PekoPeko, Marine,

Some photographers dabble. When we look for photos for our galleries it is difficult to find photographers who really specialize in specific genres. So when we come across photographers such as Nilakantha Univers based out of Paris, France we get excited.

We get excited because he does not dabble in photography of alternative models and inked girls. Cruising through his portfolio we saw no wedding pictures, no pictures of landscapes, no baby and graduation pictures, and no close up of bugs.

Instead what we saw was a photographer who seems committed to specialize in Alt models shoots and a lot of ink, and to say he does it well is an understatement.

Nilakantha Univers wants to take you on…

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2 Responses to Inked Girls Gallery 142 – The Nilakantha Photographies Edition

  1. Eastward Bound says:

    Nilakantha is a name for Shiva which means blue neck. There’s a reason why his neck turned blue.

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