Single: Women Don’t Want Nice Men

Excellent ‘commonsense’ article.

Men, take a close look at this, and your significant other – before you commit.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Image from Allure January 2014 Urban Legends by Sebastian Kim

My younger brother (23), besides providing me endless entertainment, is currently single.  His stories and experiences I’ve been forbidden to write about, however, his relationship status has recently sparked a new interest for me: how to help the single man win and understand women.

There are many things that can be said, but I think the first and foremost fact that all single men need to understand is that women don’t want just another “nice guy.”  Let me be clear, “nice” and “kind” are two different things.  Niceness implies that there is no disagreeable characteristics.  He’s tame, lame, or boring.  Niceness exists because he feels he has to be that way, it’s forced and unnatural – women are not drawn to this.  Kindness is thoughtful and tender, it’s intentional, and much more of a turn-on.

This is…

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