Making Sense of the Decline Of Europe- Julius Evola (1928)

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Western civilization needs a complete overhaul or it will fall apart one day or another. It has realized the most complete perversion of the rational order of things. Reign of matter, of gold, of machine, of number, it no longer possesses breath, or liberty, or light. The West has lost the sense of command and obedience. It has lost the sense of Action and of Contemplation. It has lost the sense of hierarchy, of spiritual power, of man-Gods. It no longer knows nature. It is no longer, for Western man, a living body made of symbols, of Gods and ritual gestures – a splendid cosmos, in which man moves freely, like a microcosm within the macrocosm. It has on the contrary decayed to an opaque and fatal exteriority, the mystery of which profane sciences seek to ignore by means of their little laws and their little hypotheses. The West no longer knows Wisdom : it…

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