Le Bon Sauvage

A rising West cannot exist without the precious knowledge of the past. Our Identity depends on a memory of Who and What we are: A People.

Vinland Shore

an example of art created by ignorant 'primitives'... an example of art created by ignorant ‘primitives’…

Primitive is a word that has a lot of negative connotation in recent age, the word even lost its true meaning. At its base being associated with ideas that we deem to be uncivilized, savage, inept, or simply ignorant. The opposite is true the original word meant exactly that…late Middle English (in the sense ‘original, not derivative’): from Old French primitif-ive, from Latin primitivus ‘first of its kind,’ from primus ‘first. We then are no different from our forebears, we gather still around fires and recite poems, and tell stories just as our ancestors did. Were they not considered primitive? Yet they most certainly developed tools, language, created art and music. The idea that we are so far removed from our ancestors is one that is swathed in modern reconstructions of what man used to be, terrified for…

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