Another uncomfortable subject: National Socialism

Pragmatic Witness

Introduction –

For Americans, even uttering the words “national socialism” stigmatize any further dialogue on this form of government that appeared to work so well in pre-WWII Germany.

I believe the reason is because we’ve been taught in America to associate any form of socialism as another tentacle of communism, which is not far from the truth, however, I am learning that there is a huge gulf between socialism and authentic, or, pure national socialism.

Before I go further, lets talk about America’s alleged form of government, which was supposed to be based on a democracy within a Constitutional Republic.  A Republic is defined as:

1. astateinwhich thesupremepowerrestsinthebodyofcitizensentitledtovoteandisexercisedbyrepresentativeschosendirectlyorindirectlybythem.

2. anybodyofpersonsviewedasacommonwealth.

When democracy is combined within this form…

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