Foundations: A World European Congress?

Is this an idea whose time has come?

Foundations of The Twenty-First Century

A World European Congress?

3,539 wordseurope-old-map-260x195

[Editor’s Note: We found this article to be extremely valuable, concise, practical and timely.

Mr. Gordon has presented, in our opinion, a singularly exhaustive and realistic approach to the effects of social disintegration, social evolution, and social engineering, which has been practiced upon our people and culture.

We would like to add to this discussion, by way of presenting a similar view, as developed by an individual who, as may be known, has struggled in like fashion, to accomodate the same realism on behalf of the efforts of our Folk-community.

Here, then, are some helpful quotes::

The White Nationalist gets a good chuckle when opposition forces or simple ignorance champions the attack against ‘white nationalists’ as anti-internationalist. Nothing is further from the truth. The inter-nationalist character of White Nationalism is well documented, and has been a viable and healthy component of…

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