The Mighty Oak & The One Pagan-Europe

Keeping our Legacy strong is an obligation; our duty is to pass this Folk-history on to the next generation…and the next.

Vinland Shore


The mighty Oak has served as a key symbol for Indo-European belief since the very earliest religious and spiritual practice in the continent. Once the Christian expansion began in Europe there was a war not alone for our own sacred rights, but upon the symbols that we held dear. Such as the Oak tree itself a vital symbol of Pre-Christian Europe.

The tribes of Northern Europe or of Norse Germanic paganism were not the only ones to utilize the Oak as a significant religious symbol. In Scandinavia of course. Old Norse Þórr, Old Saxon thunar, and Old Frisian thuner are cognates within the Germanic language branch, descending from the Proto-Germanic masculine noun *þunraz ‘thunder’. Thor’s Oak was a sacred tree important to Germanic pagans.

In Greece the Oak tree is sacred. Zeus is the Greek continuation of *Di̯ēus, the name of the Proto-Indo-European god of the daytime sky, also called *Dyeus (“Sky…

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