Svenskarns Partei: Swedes party’s first day in Almedalen

Swedes party’s first day in Almedalen

Published: 2013-07-01


[Editor’s Note: The natural impetus of Swedish Nationalism, just as in all Western nations of the World today, is coming into its own. The pure of heart, the aspirations of a People whose time has come, is ineluctably moving across Sweden.

We wish the people of Sweden, Fortune, in the future they struggle for – the existence of our People and a future for white children.


Translation by Google]


On Monday launched Swedes party its work during Almedalsveckan. With a square meeting at lunchtime and a popular information table was strengthened its presence in Almedalen.

At ten o’clock had information table turned up at Hamnplan. Party flyer took a seat next to the latest editions of the Forward and a small selection of interesting literature. The speakers from the CD player sounded nationalistic undertones.

I mostly broiling sun, stood Swedes party activists and officials often in full discussion with curious and interested visitors. Many who passed information table chose to stop and enjoy a coffee and hear more about the party’s policies.

At 12 o’clock the Party carried out a square meeting at the podium at Harbour Square. With filled terraces and a keen interest in everything from media, to bloggers, politicians and ordinary gotlandsbor, so party leaders began Stefan Jacobsson squares meeting.

Jacobsson focused in his speech on the Swedes party migration policy. This follows the decision of the party during the week will release a further statement sakpolitiskt issue of migration. Jacobson concluded by explaining that it was not brought to Almedalen to seek acceptance from the established political class, or are interested in participating in their ugly game, but the party is there as part of his quest to restore the Sweden and the the Swedish people.

Rebekah Wilfridsdotter, Group Leader SVP-Stockholm meeting held square second and final speech. The focus there was on how the situation looks like for many young Swedes, both high unemployment and lack of housing were topics raised. Also talked about Wilfridsdotter Swedes Party economic policies and finished it all with a call to vote for the party in election 2014.

Stefan Jacobsson is pleased when he sums up the day.

– It has been an incredibly rewarding day where our activists and representatives on site has been in full swing by talking about the party’s policies for many curious almedalsveckan visitors. Torg meeting went as planned and we have continued our wrapped line to speak plainly, which seems amusing enough to have alarmed a lot of media and blogger , says Jacobson.

Swedes party’s first day in Almedalen is now closed and tomorrow will once again have an information table, which is located down at the Harbour Plan.






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2 Responses to Svenskarns Partei: Swedes party’s first day in Almedalen

  1. hey I couldn’t find a contact for you? anyway we have shared interests, if you have time I have been translating to English das manifest zur brechung der zinsknechtshaft des geldes Gottfried feder. I couldn’t find it in English anywhere and I have it in the original fraktur so I figured what the hell right? im an ethnic german from Wisconsin USA, the so called white nationalists here only wish to argue amongst themselves so im not affiliated with any of them. im 30 years old a working class citizen of entirely Austrian german descent, this is my website which isn’t very good but ive never attempted anything like this so I think its ok

    • The study and practice of White Nationalism is, to many, a study in ‘old precedent’, at Rise of the West we can suggest a work for your consideration:

      We see the entire West as a Folk-community, and each part, sovereign, yet inextricably entwined, organically, remains a vital part of the whole.

      Good luck in your efforts.

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