Ride: To End White Genocide

Ride To End White Genocide

by Austen Colluns

[Editor’s Note: We do not know anything about this group or spokesman, but will share what we were given, and offer only: Buyer Beware.

Do your own checking with friends or Facebook aquaintances, and see what comes of it.

A worthy cause is worthy…. The Staff]

 I am an event creator for the “Ride To END White Genocide”. We are currently trying to promote and organize an event to occur August 16th for all our brothers and sisters to gather at Meade State Park, Kansas. We would greatly appreciate your help in advertising for the event with an announcement on your radio show. We definitely need Vendors also for food, jewelry, books about White Genocide and true heritage,etc. Attached is the flyer for the event. The link for the Facebook page can be found and also information for registering and purchasing an official t-shirt!

This is a great step forward for the White race and we would appreciate it greatly for any support and help! Thank you in advance.

Contact info for the main activist
Austen Colluns aka Osten Ceawlins: https://www.facebook.com/Osten.Ceawlins

Link to ride: https://www.facebook.com/events/171084389721628/

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3 Responses to Ride: To End White Genocide

  1. The flier has been updated and another route,etc. Please contact me? FB also disabled my profile and the AWHM page. We have an “American White History Month 2” FB page now. Thanks in advance.

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