Music Video of The Day: Shoemaker Brothers

Music Video of The Day:

Shoemaker Brothers

Dancing Girl

These men are all Brothers, raised in Washington State, home-schooled, raised in a orthodox christian home; full of this orthodoxy and a general sense of confinement, all ran away from home, joined the military, and set out to discover the greater ‘world’.

Their music is Hauntingly beautiful, the lyrical Prose deep, melancholy, bright and passionate.

Their musical talent is based in Classical, the brothers pair off on drums, violin (a superb blend of classical, folk, and blues production), which is played by several, if not all of the men.

Dancing Girl, a heart-wrentching tale of young love, political maturation, and the bleak realities of the so-called ‘wars’ of this present regime. The writer/singer conveys his emotions, his pain, and his hard-won lessons to the listener, and this is best seen Live.

Few can produce such works, but in the hearts of our Folk, resides the essential similarities, and we are all grateful for the efforts of these men.

We encourage you to purchase and support these Brothers in their previous efforts as well as their future projects.

Shoemaker Brothers – About

One more:

Assorted – Canyon Country, Ca.

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