Inked And Sexy: Tattoo Prague

The Wonerful World of One Love Tattoo

H/T Sadman’s Tongue

417728_10151423801316832_500483387_nTucked away on a little side street behind the 700 year old Tyn Church of Prague, you will find more than the French Consulate, Jazz Clubs, Restaurants, and antique shops. Look a little closer and you will find One Love Tattoo Shop of Prague.

16143_184562656831_1523029_nLocated at 607/5 Tynska Ulice this little parlor puts out some big and beautiful work. From the typical to the atypical. From the classic to the modern. From hints of Sailor Jerry to the modern edgy art of their talented staff, they do it all and they do it with artful precision.

If your from Prague or coming to visit Prague and you are looking for your next tattoo, then be sure to stop by One Love Tattoo Shop and say hello to Hanz, Tarlito, and Vesko. Below is a sampling of their skills and wonderful work from the wonderful world of One Love Tattoo. If you can’t stop by in person then stop by their Facebook page and say hello and check out an extensive collection of their combined work

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One Response to Inked And Sexy: Tattoo Prague

  1. I don’t like to see our people tatting up their lovely White skin. I like your blog though! Best wishes.

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