A response to Parrott

We, here, at Rise of The West, do not engage, on a consistent or deliberate ‘religious’ dialogue, but found the following discussion (in the Comments section) to be worthy of viewing and, perhaps, to discuss amongst the readership.

It is a tragic and incalculable loss of vitality for the West, to engage in constant re-application, re-affirmation, and continual re-assessment of an eschatology which, to date, has been determined by ‘universalists’ and ‘redeemers’ who, one and all, have forgotten and discarded, the necessary ‘blood and bone’ relationship between ourselves, and the only true marker of a people; the spiritual value will, of necessity, follow the manifestation of form (i.e. race), and a true ‘religion’ of the Folk will emerge.

The West’s Darkest Hour


The self-defeating notion
of a “Christian” white nationalism

by John Martínez

So you can see that my position goes far beyond both Christian reductionism and Jewish reductionism. I believe that individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism (“hardwired” characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times) + egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism (cultural “software” after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian axiology) + the Jewish culture of critique in the 20th century = a truly lethal brew for the White peoples.

Chechar, you pretty much summarized the “White Question” (so to say) in this single paragraph.

I have the utmost respect for Parrott—the guy is brilliant, and he is a real fighter for the White cause.

However, what he and other White nationalists regrettably fail to see is that a “Racialist Christianity” is an oxymoron.

Here’s Saint Paul to give the final word on the question (Galatians 3:28): “There is neither Jew nor Gentile…

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