Legacy Of The South: “The Finest Gentlemen”

The Finest Gentlemen Drawing Breath

[Notes from the South] – H/T Occidental Dissent

We don’t have a lot of inspiring great leaders in these corrupt, depressing BRA latter days. Hideous, Lesbo Jewess Rachel Maddow is hissing “R-A-C-I-S-T”, looking to destroy the careers of any straight White American North or South who dares write, say or even THINK anything politically incorrect. Vile, straight from central casting New Yawk shysters like Charles Schumer push a race replacement amnesty bill, with massive 3rd world immigration designed to turn our country in to Brazil, Mexifornia or a bad version of the worst ghettos/barrios of Chicago. I should know, I’ve spent half my life in Chicago. Most of the White US Senators seem to be either outright traitors, or worse, clueless dottering old fools like Orin Hatch.

Thus, we should take great joy and pride over the leadership of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Sen Sessions has led the fight to secure our borders, implement common sense immigration laws and policies that promote the legitimate rights of our people in our country and this is:

Our country.

Sen. Sessions also led the fight to defeat the horrible Federal Hate Crimes/thought crimes bill, pushed through under an obscure attachment to the Defense authorization bill. Sen. Sessions always conducts himself in an intelligent, dignified way – always an honorable Southern gentlemen. I consider Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the finest gentleman currently drawing breath.

Speaking of honorable Southern gentlemen – let us honor the finest gentleman who ever drew breath.

General Robert E Lee

“There has never been – nor will there ever be – a mortal man more admired, more esteemed, or more revered than Robert E Lee. His enemies were few, his friends legion. By war’s end, he was already a legend. He had become the embodiment of the South, and his name synonymous with it. He was the soldier-statesman, and the ultimate hero of th Lost Cause. Today, he is, without a doubt, the fundamental southern hero.” (Southern by the Grace of God, Michael Andrew Grissom)

robert e lee

(Click here to access Gettysburg video on Robert E Lee)

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