The Svenkamas Parti: May Day In Sweden

Stefan Jacobsson

The Svenkamas Parti: May Day In Sweden

by Stefan Jacobsson

It’s been a little more than three months ago Swedes party launched its biggest campaign ever. The purpose of the money to the people has been to highlight the flaws in the economic system and the short-termism that characterizes today’s political decisions. With the May Day demonstration in Jönköping ended the campaign, it has become time for summation.

There are many who have gotten the idea that nationalist policies focused solely on the issue of immigration and demographic trends in Sweden. There is a serious misunderstanding, and even if the immigration issue is an important one, it’s still only part of a much larger whole. Nationalism is the policy of the people, and on that basis have the money for the people has been an important campaign.

When the campaign was held on February 1, it was stated goal of releasing a new campaign fliers every month with different orientations and distribute 100,000 of each. In addition, we took the time also produced posters, stickers and a specially designed 80-billions bill. The result is beyond all expectations, around 400,000 leaflets have been circulated around the country. Month after month, industrious members and supporters hit record after record in activism and in this quarter we had over 600 registered activities, the majority of these have been linked to the campaign. I want to extend my greatest thanks for the dedication, time and energy that has been from all involved.

One of the official flyer distributions resulted in a longer live radio interview with Radio Haninge, where I had the opportunity to include talk about the campaign. Generally have very many distributions made on square and adjacent to shopping centers, which not only had the opportunity to hand out sheets, but equally important, to also discuss the issues further with curious passersby. Speaking of talking, it has in addition to the dividends also arranged several public meetings on a range of locations, including in Skövde, Västerås and Karlstad.

On various internet forums, the campaign has been the focus of many discussions and it has certainly helped spread the campaign message to a very wide circle. It is also clear that the campaign brought more interest to immerse themselves in the important issues we have raised. Especially our criticism of the banking system and our solution to leave the international monetary agreements and instead nationalizing the banking system has attracted great interest and much discussed.

It is difficult to measure exactly how successful the campaign has been. Much of the work we put in the long term and therefore difficult to see measurable effects on the fly. However, we are talking a lot of the results for themselves, all the people who have called or emailed and been sympathetic, the increase in the info-orders and member requests that occurred during the campaign increased visitor numbers on the website, we uncovered a broader nationalist politics, and more.

The campaign ended with a bang with a major demonstration in Jönköping May 1 Over 260 nationalists rallied under the campaign slogan, money to the people. Many jönköpingsbor were curious about the demonstration and made ​​it to the West Square, or stood and looked in the windows or along the streets where the march walked back. The media reporting on the demonstration was great, both radio, television and in the newspapers, it was reported in a few days if Swedes party. While it is all too often were in less flattering terms as it gained widespread during this time.

Although we have now entered the month of May and the campaign officially ended the party will continue to market and distribute the material, our campaign website will continue to be online, then it’s important issues raised.

Finally, I would again like to thank all those who in one way or another contributed to the campaign has been so widespread and ear. All members and supporters will have a great tribute. Now we continue to build on this.

The money for the people!

Stefan Jacobsson
Leader of Swedes portion

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