F. Scott The Great

F. Scott The Great

by Linton Hall

Original Book Cover

Original Book Cover

Down a tall, busy street, he read a dozen Jewish names on a line of stores. In the door of each stood a dark, little man watching the passers by with intent eyes, eyes gleaming with suspicion, with pride, with clarity, with cupidity, with comprehension. New York – he could not dissociate it now with the slow upward creep of this people. The little stores, growing, expanding, consolidating, moving, watched over with hawks’ eyes and a bee’s attention to detail. They slathered out on all sides. It was impressive. In perspective, it was tremendous. ~  THE BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED

The Great Gatsby is “coded” with the fundamental truths of White Nationalism. At the beginning of this beautiful, haunting, and beloved novel, Fitzgerald cues in the reader  with Tom Buchanan’s “rant” about “this man’s Goddard’s book,” a direct reference to Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy. Although it is written in such a fashion so as to appear that Tom’s a bore and that what he is going on about is all nonsense, it is actually quite the opposite; for the Synagogue would not have allowed Scribner’s to publish Gatsby if Fitzgerald had put this truth in the mouth of an heroic or sympathetic character.

For there is this: Just previous to the publication of Gatsby, George H. Putnam of G. P. Putnam’s Sons had thought to publish  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It was made plain to Major Putnam that his firm would be financially ruined if he proceeded. Thus the need for subtlety on the part of Scribner’s.

And then there is Meyer Wolfsheim: We are being shown that the Jew is physically repulsive, that he will take something as sacred to the American people as our baseball and throw it in the dirt with his briberies; that he will take our fine young men and corrupt them into the muck where the Jew finds his natural element.

When , deep into the 21st Century, the race wars have ended, the civil wars, the class wars; when the Russians and the Chinese, with their epigones from Central America and the Caribbean, have been ejected off the North American continent after their invasions; when the blood and horror has finally been resolved to a good conclusion for the White Race on the North American continent; when even school children understand the truth of this our times –  the dark period before our final victory – those artists of the 20th Century who sided with the Synagogue will be treated as untouchables.

Which is to say: No one will have any desire to soil themselves by touching their work. Thus, the works of  such a man as Hemingway, who opposed the Spanish Crusade of General Franco, will be tossed in the trash; and Fitzgerald, the greatest of all White Nationalist novelists, will be honored forever. No matter how beautiful and brilliant their art, they will be as nothing to our children and our children’s children.

Fitzgerald was a confirmed Spenglerian, having written to Max Perkins, his editor at Scribner’s, that during the creation of The Great Gatsby he was deeply immersed in studying Oswald Spengler’s monumental The Decline Of the West. Thus his fine novel, The Last Tycoon, shows the good American, the entrepreneur, the productive American, as caught between, as crushed between, the International Financiers from above; and from below, their envious, hate-filled Undermen, lead by the Financier’s Labor Socialism tools. And it should be noted that Fitzgerald’s hero, Monroe Stahr, was slated to be assassinated.

And for this, the writing of The Great Gatsby and The Last Tycoon, the Synagogue was, by its very nature, impelled to destroy him and his memory in the lives of our people. This brave, honorable, and charming man, who never faltered in supporting his mentally broken wife and his beautiful daughter; who never in his life wrote a word that would blush a nun, paid the martyr’s price: his novels unmentioned in the Synagogue’s press, his sales diminished, his career as a novelist all but extinguished.

As Francis Parker Yockey said of his own martyrdom: “My enemies understood me better than my friends.”

Today, DiCaprio’s The Great Gatsby enters the theaters. Today marks the resurrection of Fitzgerald – “anti-Semitic” and Race Realist to the bone – in the hearts of our young folks. Today marks an immense victory for White Nationalism and for the purification of the arts of the Western High Culture.

Let us never cease to honor this hero of the Resistance.

 The only thing that can make it worth while to be an American is a life and death struggle, a national testing. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


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2 Responses to F. Scott The Great

  1. Wow, read this book in high school English but we didn’t cover what THIS article covers!

    Why do you suppose Jew Hollywood allowed this film to be made? I haven’t seen it yet. Is it a jewdaised version of the book?

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