Easter Resistance: Golden Dawn Will Distribute Rations Whether Anti-Greek Mayor Kaminis Likes It Or Not!- Υποχείριο του Σόρος, ο υβριστής της Χρυσής Αυγής, λαθροδήμαρχος Καμίνης

This is an example of True Folk-community.
This is true Western Duty.

xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english


Yet another Soros puppet, yet another attack on indigenous Greek people and traditions.

Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has announced that he will suppress any attempt by Golden Dawn to distribute lamb and other traditional Easter foods for the downtrodden native Greeks.  Golden Dawn is expecting thousands of Greeks to show up to this event, and will give special consideration to Greek families with 3 children or more. The social-nationalist platform promises to eradicate hunger and the extreme poverty the Greeks of today must suffer, but until we take power we will simply give away all of our money so that as many of our people as possible can enjoy a happy and plentiful Easter in these difficult times.  It is noteworthy to mention that the “constitutional arc” parties have yet to give any money to such projects, while Syrizais under fire as the money they promised would go towards…

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