Hot Rods & Kustoms at the 5th Annual Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion

Sad Man continues to follow-up on a Spirit of The Age life-style. This is a perfect offering for the coming Summer…and the Full Moon.

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion - Car Show-21-Lby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Out Of Focus Photography

Our friends over at Out Of Focus Photography get around to some pretty cool events. While they are at events such as Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, or The Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion, they take some damn good pictures.

We have featured the work of Brad Boening of Out Of Focus Photography several times. The first time was our feature Duane Eddy – VLV15 – Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 15, and the second time was Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys – Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 15.

Now we are excited to show of some cool Hot Rods and Kustoms that Brad took at the 5th Annual Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion. Of course all these photos along with some other killer ones are avaialable as prints for purchase. Just head over to Out-of-Focus Photography .

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