Escape Into Realism: Alexey Steele

The Last Ride

The Last Ride

Alexey Steele

oil on canvas 48″ X 80″

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4 Responses to Escape Into Realism: Alexey Steele

  1. conchobar14 says:

    a perfect example of the germanic hero culture that we need to preserve and revitalize! the heroic death with connections to eternity will provide an alternative to emulating negroid ghetto patriarchies, unfortunately white heroics are either A) used to serve internationalists and israelis or B) suppressed violently thanks for the picture

    • Thanks for your observations.

      To your point (A): This is why we must, at all costs, realign with ourselves once again. An ‘ethno-state’ appears to be a working realization but, ultimately, it is a new shift in our Spirtiual consciousness.

      As to (B): Life is a struggle.

      Look for more Alexy Steele and many others.

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