Escape Into Realism: George Henry Grenville Manton

Painting of The Day

Isabella and the Pot of Basil

~ George Henry Grenville Manton ~


Planet: Mars Element: Fire Main magickal uses: Consecration, divination (esp. about love), exorcism, fertility, fidelity, good luck, happiness, harmony, love, money, passion, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic development, psychic protection, purification, strength, success, tranquility Other magickal uses: Clairvoyance, commanding, courage, dragons, grieving, hatred, honesty, Imbolc, initiation, inspiration, invokation, prevents theft, rituals for the dead, spell-breaking Lore: Paul Beyerl says that basil is attractive to dragons, salamanders, and other fire-oriented creatures. It is sacred to the Hindu god Vishnu and his avatar, Krishna.

Magickal herbals occasionally refer to it as St. Joseph’s Wort. Many cultures used basil in herbal medicine, which is not covered in this article.

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  1. Scott says:

    I like the fact that this site always gives us some interesting facts, historical supplements, and generally provides instruction in a readable way. Thanks.

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