Campaign Of Hate Shifts To Wisconsin

Anti-White Unfair Campaign Shifts To Wisconsin


Remember the anti-White Unfair Campaign in Duluth, Minnesota?

It has shifted its operations less than ten miles away to the University of Wisconsin Superior. The Duluth metro area seems to be a real hotspot of Yankee White guilt and anti-White activism in the Deep North.

Update: Duluth is 90% White and St. Louis County, Minnesota is 94.86% White. Superior is 91.5% White and Douglas County, Wisconsin is 95.35% White.  In the 2012 election, Obama won 63.7% of the vote in St. Louis County (MN) and 65% of the vote in Douglas County (WI).

According to Wikipedia, the White people who live in the Duluth metro area seem to be mostly Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegians, Finns) and Germans. The Irish and Italians are about 11% of the population.

Note: I will save some of our most devoted commentators the trouble and point out here on the main page that “anti-racism” is really “anti-White.” As for those who still doubt that anti-racists are committed to White genocide, see Michael Lind’s latest article “The White South’s Last Defeat.”

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2 Responses to Campaign Of Hate Shifts To Wisconsin

  1. GENE WILLIS says:

    More whites in their own areas then minorities? And the feds havent sent in the troops to break them up with diversity? Is this a white gated community against minorities and the jewish owned media hasnt sent in their anti white haters as of yet? How dare these whites have their own little communities, only minorities have that right. These people should be arrested for hate crimes against minorities not being able to move into that whiteness.

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