Sculpture Of The Day: Folk-History

Sculpture of The Day

The Imperial Crypt

The Imperial Crypt
Also known as Capuchins’ Crypt, the Imperial Crypt in Vienna, Austria lies below the Capuchin Church and monastery founded in 1618 and dedicated in 1632. The bodies of 145 Habsburg royalty, plus urns containing the hearts or cremated remains of four others, are deposited here, including 12 emperors and 18 empresses.

The most recent entombment was in 2011. The visible 107 metal sarcophagi and 5 heart urns range in style from puritan plain to exuberant rococo. The Imperial Crypt is one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna. To this day, some of the dozen resident Caphuchin friars continue their customary role as the guardians and caretakers of the crypt along with their other pastoral work in Vienna.

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