The Military Option: Redux

Foundations Of Our Leadership: Swords

The Military Option Redux

by Frank L. DeSilva

In a previous essay, appearing in its extended version (See: Song of Albion), the role of the Military, in relation to the reaffirmation of Tradition and Authority in the continuing struggle of Western hegemony in traditional, political, social and spiritual understandings, it was observed that one of our most basic challenges and duties, is the traditional relationship between Nationalism and the Military.

Instead of continuing our study into this relationship between the organic mass of our Western peoples, we will briefly mention those who, even as we, see this collaboration as necessary but, unlike the nationalist, sees this collaboration as being negative, pernicious and, as expected, a potential source of political and social power to encourage and codify their national and global agendas.This is not new, but the target of this continuing assault against the Western ethos of this continent and the world, is building in its focus and intent.


West Point, that bastion of ‘tradition and authority’, has largely been marginalized in the past, as the ethos of an ‘old Western culture’ was, at the same time, marginalized. Through this porthole, were funneled the hearts and minds of young men, passing through a process of initiation, which would harden and focus their shared attention and loyalty to not only a folk-community, its mores and aesthetics ideals, but also its shared virility and sense of honour, the latter being inextricably entwined with the former – that of folk-community and its incumbent morality.

Comes, now, a new generation of those who seek to modify and control, those whose duty and tradition are, also, of a new generation, of divergent racial, social, political, and religious instruction; those empowered to handle this modification are not, themselves, new to this struggle, but have the benefit of ancient and modern tradition, of revolution and anarchy.

One Son of these ethnic traditionalists, is Ariel Perlinger, a loyal and dedicated son, a Perliger_008son whose tradition and initiation was born in the fires of the ancient, and ever-present ethos of an ‘eye for an eye’, of ethnic genocide as a military and political means of obeying the directions of their tribal god, Jehovah, and the apparent regional/national plans of this deity, for the survival of this ethnic nation. I do not doubt, for one minute, this man’s dedication and political world-view, based, as said before, on the extension of his ethnic relations. I question, and want to bring to the attention of others, his validity and bona fides,[1] when it comes to inculcating his world-view upon native Western, and American interests.

Who is Arie Perlinger? Nobody.

Like many before him, this individual is part of a ‘collective’, although funded[2] by neo-conservatives and certain military associates, both active and retired, his personal addition is marginal; he is one of the latest to be highlighted by the alliance of christian zionists and Zionists, who have become completely immersed in the status quo of our present ‘leadership’. Does their influence weigh heavily for or against us? This always depends on how we see and handle it.

Robert E. LeeThe point is, in brief, that it is not that it exists, it has been with us for some time, but that it is speaking, even at a whisper, from the halls of a traditionally deep, and well-trusted traditional authority: West Point.[3] Essentially, this core, which is the heart of our future, for the age of those assigned, recruited, or enabled to procure a seat in this ‘membership only’ club, an association which has produced such men as Robert E. Lee, Superintendent,[4] and members[5] such as Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Up until very recently (the last two generations) the List of Alumni has been exclusively Western in ethnic character. Not so anymore.

The nationalist/racial milieu, for the most part does, in fact, live in the past.

The Halls of tradition, in essence, is a deep and abiding propaganda machine, propagating the ideals and dreams of a people through its core values and core beliefs in a common National life. For better or ill, this life has changed. The powerful current of our presence, today, has inextricably deviated from those things, which most of us have learned to love and embrace. The West of yesteryear is long gone. A new West is our obligation, and our duty.

This future, as we see it, will be fought, subverted, and misdirected by those whos, e world-view is opposed to ours. It is important to cover individuals or organizations who actively seek the final dismemberment of our Traditional ethos, but they remain, for the most part, self-evident; it is the heart and soul of our fellows, which should always recieve the largess of our support and encouragement, and simply be aware of our opposition. To those in the Halls of our traditional bastions, to whom the flame of the West still burns, we remind you of your obligation, your duty, and your Loyalty.

To those who endeavor to bring the message of our situation to our folk-community, your path perilous is well marked, and so also your obligation and duty. Out path is no longer led by affirmation, but by resistance and reaffirmation.

Let those in the Halls of Tradition do the same.

Copyright 2013

Frank L. DeSilva



1. Press ReleaseStony Brook News, Dec 18, 2008.

2.Cf. Wiki Entry: Combating Terrorism Center.

3. This is the United States Military Academy (USMA) –

Because of the academy’s age and unique mission, its traditions influenced other institutions. It was the first American college to have class rings, and its technical curriculum was a model for later engineering schools. West Point’s student body has a unique rank structure and lexicon. All cadets reside on campus and dine together en masse on weekdays for breakfast and lunch. […]  Its alumni and students are collectively referred to as “The Long Gray Line,” and its ranks include two Presidents of the United States, numerous famous generals, and seventy-four Medal of Honor recipients.

4. David H. Huntoon, now heads the Academy.

5. Some Members:

The academy has produced many notable generals during its 211 years. During the Civil War, graduates included Hood, Jackson, Lee, Longstreet, Meade, Sheridan, Sherman, and Stuart. George Armstrong Custer graduated last in his class of 1861.[224] The Spanish-American War saw the first combat service of Lt. (later, Brigadier General) John “Gatling Gun” Parker, the first Army officer to employ machine guns in offensive fire support of infantry. (In 1918, Parker would become the only Army infantry officer in World War I to win the Distinguished Service Cross four times for valor in combat.)

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