The Future Has Always Been With Us

The rising of a new West will, as has been expected, continue to drive deeper into a moribund state; for all death precedes a life.

This seems to be the source of so much angst and the various incarnations of ‘traditionalism’ and ‘patriotism’, everyone clinging tightly to images of the past and hard-won belief systems, which have nurtured and fed the psyche of our Western traditions here in the ‘united states’, and the denizens of this country enjoy the luxury of simply ‘passing through life’ without a moments care of what is needed to engage a new and beautiful future.

Our Future is what we are willing to fight for. Our Future is what we are willing to believe in. Our Future is what we are willing to sacrifice for.

Fight. Believe. Sacrifice.

A ‘black run america’ seems to be the latest tragedy of the moment, and it is; but it is not the end of life as we know it. A BRA is only symptomatic of a treason, which has encumbered the nation of our fathers for some hundred years or more – at least since the Civil War, and the federalization of our Republic – the various manifestations, which this occupation has taken shape makes little difference, the end result is the same: occupation, social change, tyranny, and foreign morality. Any combination of the above will, and has, changed the working relationship between the  people of the West and themselves. In this spiritual void, they will, and have, fall for anything.

The various discussions concerning ‘secession’, independence, territorial imperatives and the like, stand or fall on just what we see as our necessary need, what we need now to continue our normal daily lives, to feed our children, and to engage in a better, and more sound, society. This can only happen when the last vestige of freedom and independence is rudely taken from the common man and woman – the slow, ineluctable, drowning of one’s hopes and dreams is the worst case scenario, as human nature accepts change in doses, and by the social acceptance of change by one’s peers – very few have the courage to stand alone, against opposition, which has such tremendous advantagees.

Building concensus, up to this point, has been worse than useless, amongst the members of the West. Spontaneous reaction has been missing for over fifty years, and the courageous attempts to inculcate a sense of ’emergency’ has, heretofore, fallen on deaf ears, with the exception of those natural-born revolutionaries and reactionaries; these latter, however, having been shouted down by tide of mediocrity and liberal altruism, have left the field bereft of intelligent and courageous souls. What is left, is the obvious strain of cowardice and fear.

A BRA is what is left to those who, through fear and cowardice, have left their wounded on the field of battle, and who can sympathize with those individuals? The have made the table at which they dine. Separation, or the acceptance of a multi-generational ‘holding pattern’, is inevitable. The lack of public occurences, of public demands, for a reassessment of our social structure has assured us that we have what we deserve.

The end is here, now.

The better for those who have seen, and are instilling the attitude of change, but a change which is predicated upon our world-view, and not that of our occupiers.

The risd of the West is already here, amongst us; it only waits for a helmsman.

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