Escape Into Realism: John Charles Dollman

Painting of The Day

John Charles Dollman


Historical genre painter. Dollman was born in Hove and studied at South Kensington and the Royal Academy schools before establishing his studio in Bedford Park, London. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between the years 1870 – 1912, and was elected RWS (Member of the Royal Watercolour Society) in 1913. Painting titles include ‘Table d’hote at a Dogs’ Home’, ‘London cab stand’ (1888), ‘The Ravager’, ‘Your Humble Servant’, ‘Saint Anthony’, ‘Kismet’, ‘Famine’, ‘During the Time of the Sermonses’ (1896), ‘The Borrowed Plume’, ‘Pro Bono Publico’.

And one of our Favorites:

John Charles Dollman The Ride of the Valkyrs

The Ride of the Valkyries

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4 Responses to Escape Into Realism: John Charles Dollman

  1. Walter Dollman says:

    This doesn’t look like a JCD painting to me….

    • You are correct; please accept our appologies. Things tend to get hectic around here.

      What relation are you?

      It is good to know that this man’s legacy is being looked after.

      Any material you might suggest, will be appreciated.


      Added another one: The Ride of the Valkyries.

      • Walter Dollman says:

        First cousin three times removed…..
        I am currently researching (PHD) Dollman who painted in many schools: genre, social realism, landscape, history, narrative, neo classical, war, animalia, sport…. Dollman studied at the RA and exhibited there regularly for 60 years. I have many images of his paintings (and own a few) which I am happy to share. I notice you have posted the Valkyries which normally lives in the Art Gallery of Western Australia except when it is travelling between Wagnerian festivals around the globe. It was painted in about 1908 at a time when he produced and had published a large number of mythological paintings

  2. marc deith says:

    hi walter, i have visited your relatives painting entitled “famine” MANY TIMES IN SALFORD ART GALLERY ,,interesting that until recently there was little about him on the www,, i was suprised to find out that he lived in bedford park london, where i resided several years ago.

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