How Do ‘You’ Feel About Secession?

North Carolina

Russia Today interviews some League of the South members from North Carolina:

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2 Responses to How Do ‘You’ Feel About Secession?

  1. I say screw the federal government. For years they have done nothing but destroy communities cultural heritage. States rights all the way.

    • I was wondering which of the ‘artists’ were going to make the first worthwhile comment; must have known it would be the artist with real ‘old-school’ taste.

      But you are absolutely right. No matter how you look at it, the prsent system has no sense of Culture, at least not the culture that will make our lives any better.

      The World of Retro, such as you communicate very well, with your beautiful locations and even more beautiful models, from the heartland of Europe and America, says it all for many of us.

      Keep up the good work, and to all our Sisters world-wide, SadMan…

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