Nosotros no necesitamos ninguna racistas Stinking…

Nosotros no necesitamos ninguna racistas Stinking:

Mestizo Backlash…or the Usual Suspects?

It is about that time.

Instead of Holiday/Yultide greetings, a euro-centric ideation for fellow euros is, once again, put into the background. And for What? A ‘mexican themed‘ event with, what aparently looks like {mostly) ‘white females’, having a good time (this is what sorrorities do), and minding their own business.

Good looking bunch of Sisters, as well.

In these days, remember, being ‘called a racist’ is, is ‘anit-white’. Period.

Whoever these young ladies are, we support their Right to don any outfit (especially if it was an accepted theme), and present whatever their hearts desire; if they are criticised for this, dish it right back.

racist sorority photo

Hey, maybe the ‘mexican’ sorrority can have a Klan bash…who’s to say?

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