Does The ‘church’ Have A Role In The Future West?

Jesus Of Nazareth:”

Pope’s Final Book On Jesus Claims

No Animals In Manger;

Virgin Birth Was Historical Truth

Here we go again.

Not only has the catholic church repeatedly ‘changed its mind’ about a hundred times in the last fifty years, they have totally given up on members of the West. One can see this, outside of small and rural ‘white communities’, in the housing, food, job placements and the like, in which many catholic diocese’s take part in – their communities increasingly non-white, usually mexican immigrants. When white families need these same resources, it is usually difficult, or not ‘available’ to them, for one reason or another.

The story of ‘christianity’ seems, at the outset, to be fraught with inconsistencies, but that is not the reason that for 1,500 years, the Western world was predominately of the christian ‘faith’ – it was simply the ‘glue’ which bound most of the Gemanic and Keltic peoples together, those that were heavily influenced by Rome, either through force or its reasonable exstenstion of its ‘laws’ and civitas.

Simple: if the religious Institution of the West – either catholicism or protestantism – fails to support and extend this group of people, it is doomed, and not too soon.

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