People Of The Abyss: Our Forgotten

People of the Abyss: Our ForgottenOut of Work

by Gunther Eckhardt

As the Election has passed, and I travel through the country on business and personal endeavors, it has become remarkable, at least to me, that there are, seeminly, so many of our people homeless, out of work, and generally vulnerable to the effects of the degradation of our culture and traditions.

In my own way, I have tried to expiate the realities we all face, and that of our less-fortunate brethren. In so doing, I have found two remarkable, and disapointing charactersitics:

  1. The lack of real sympathy and understanding from both the general population, and the attitude of civic leaders and their employees, whether this is Social Workers, religious institutions, or law-enforcement;
  2. The general attitude of our Elderly, as they increasingly speak up about their personal conditions, and the emptiness they feel about themselves and their fellows – and the fact that many of them honestly don’t know how to reach out, having been ‘independent’ all their lives.

This is usually where it starts, the absolute reality of Depression, and societal pressures building; the reality of inter-dependence, and tribal affiliations will, inevitably, become the waking reality of many of us.

Who to turn too?

White Nationalists will have to come to grips with more than rhetoric, and like many of my peers and associates, have started looking into the 30’s era style ‘soup kitchens’, and ‘food drives’ in our local areas. Be forewarned, however, that this undertaking is not supported by local civic leaders, and the aspect of provincial ‘permits’, social/legal permissions is astounding.

Jack London wrote about this type of living in People of the Abyss, and many other writers of his era – we need, and should foster, some of our Reporters, heir apparents to men like London, to get out into the regions and communities of our great nation, and report more actively on this subject.

The ‘forgotten men’ of the Great Depression are upon us, once again, and all which goes with it. The first line of defense, as the ‘system’ sees it, will be the ever-present agencies which hand out tickets and infractions, as many are warned, intimidated, and directed away form ‘decent’ people, public parks and public areas of congregation, such as restaurants and fast-food chains who, otherwise.

Many of these individuals having worked all their lives, have produced for themselves and their nation, are now ‘strangers in a strange land’, bereft of the social support and familiar faces which once dominated their lives; the shock, for most, has been quite spontaneous, as far as I have seen it, and it simply reinforces the notion that, after all White people have done, the favor WILL NOT be returned in any remarkable way from the children of those who first recieved this attention from altruistic men and women of another generation.

As times become less and less unremarkable for its lack of direction, I would encourage all those who truly wish to aid their people in these times, to bring them into your Homes, shame the local Church which hands out places to live or stay to those not like us, who do not belong here, and consume the resources which belong to our people,  and to not let any barrier stand in your way, and do what is necessary to not only buttress one another, but to work tirelessly in the work which must be done, to assure us all, of a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

To those of our own kind, who either will not believe our present situation, or have totally gone to the ‘dark side’, you must put your money where your mouth is, and look not only to your new-found pets and allies, but also to your mothers and fathers who, also, need your ‘christian’ charity.

It is hoped that, in all this, some of us may, once again, find that inner spirit of devotion and obligation to ouselves, and our own sense of who we are: Sons and Daughters of the Western tradition.

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